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Internal Corporate Stores.

Think inside the box.

Your branded merchandise and collateral materials can deliver a substantial return on investment. Ordering in bulk and storing for distribution throughout your corporate network can result in significant savings. We provide an online company store that makes the procurement and distribution of those materials secure, fast and efficient.

Key features include:

1. Ease of Access – opens up branded merchandise to your entire company.

2. Ease of Use – tremendous flexibility and customization to every site is our hallmark. Set up the products you want your employees to order. With immediate proofing of print‐on‐demand  items (like business cards) to complex kitting of warehoused items, you select by login, location, or department what you’d like your employees to see.

3. Eliminate brand abuse – you have fought hard to establish your brand. Don’t let employees ordering from random websites and companies put your brand in jeopardy. Only corporate pre‐approved items are made available.

4. Control Spending – multi‐tiered departmental and manager approval requirements by dollar amount or quantity are readily available and customizable. Full inventory management and optimization features are included with all our sites.

5. Control Security – secured login and checkout features ensure no one but your employees can access your site.

6. Reduce Cost – launched with little or no start up costs, you can maximize your company’s purchasing power right away!

7. Save time – with an online company store your employees can order material with a click and get back to doing what you hired them for.

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